Care and restoration

Motos Hernández, new partner for Sektor K1 care service.

Sektor K1 has signed a contract for the collection maintenance with Motos Hernández, Madrid, Spain.

Motos Hernández was the first Madrid BMW dealer since 50 years ago. Today is developping a new service business based on his expertise and craftmanship over BMW motorcycles, including care an restoration on BMW bikes of all the ages.





Collection bikes are stripped-off to check their mechanical health. Filters, fluids and spark pluks are renewed. Motronic is checked for failures; valve clearance, cylinders balance at iddle, CO level are factory adjusted. Clutch is open and checked. Gear box and cardan too. Brake system is refurbished, and new brake lines and pads are fitted. If some major trouble appears on engine, block is opened.

After mechanical exam, body is carefully assembled again to fit like the day when bike leaves Spandau BMW factory 25 years ago.

The result is a motorcycle that's actually brand new. Only at this point the K1 deserves to be presented in Sektor K1.